The building process

Excavations, site-levelling and clearing of the site come first. Then the measuring out the design on the site, laying the foundations and the concrete slab are the second stage of the building process. In the meantime the ducts are created for drain and sewer piping systems, water supply, electrical system, gas, tv, fiber optic.
Insulation, waterproofing and an adequate drainage system are necessary to protect the structures from humidity and radon gas. Depending on the terrain, we may advise you to insulate the building from the ground creating a ventilated crawl space.
Basements, cellars, garages will be built accordingly to your project.
Then the vertical stage begins: with the best materials and organic bricks we’ll construct the framing, external and internal walls, load-bearing and self-bearing walls, framing and roofing to complete the skeleton of the house.
With the best organic bricks and materials, we’ll construct the framing, external and internal walls, load-bearing, self-bearing, roofing.
Now it’s time to deal with thermal insulation to protect your house both from excess heat in summer and cold in winter, maintaining the desired temperature easily.
Different strategies can be used if your place needs also a hygro-thermal insulation in order to prevent the build-up of mould that can damage your building.
However, we always recommend a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system, since pvc-aluminum windows and double glazing are ideal for thermic insulation, but they have the negative effect that the once despised drafts no longer move the air, a small amount of which is necessary to prevent condensation and humidity in the house. The VMC compensates for this inconvenience guaranteeing optimum indoor air quality and hygiene.
For plumbing, we use high quality soundproof pipes, the best adduction and discharge systems (multilayer systems and silent columns), filtering systems that reduce the impact of limescale on the mixers.
We will explain the various systems for you to choose the most suitable one for your home: heat pumps, integrated or not with solar and photovoltaic energy, boilers (gas, biomass), innovative ultraslim floor/ceiling /wall heating systems, radiators and all you need to get the perfect temperature at home and at the same time achieve significant energy savings.
High technology also for the electrical system that will connect thermostat, lighting, television /satellite, locks, appliances, smoke and motion detectors, security cameras and volumetric alarm systems.
All to have a “smart home”, the home of the future, that you can manage with your smartphone.
Now that plumbing, electricity, technological systems are installed, then it’s time to think about the floors, plasterboard, acoustic insulation and false ceilings if needed. To suit the best space planning, our artisans can put up demountable glass and wooden partitions, fitted walls, shelvings and integrated cabinets.
After installing windows, bathrooms, kitchen, doors, here we are at the finishing touches with painting, wallpapering and lighting.
For your home design, if you want, we have a professional who can help you with the choice of the furnishing accessories.
All the debris that result from a home construction has each time being carried away, because we like to keep the site as tidy as possible. Some contractors at this stage begin to shirk. We don’t!
We won’t be happy until we give you the completion certificate and the keys to your new comfortable healthy home.
If you have land surrounding the house, we can also build the access driveway, fences, parking spaces and garages. To help you arrange the outdoor areas, a trusted landscape gardener can assist you in creating the garden of your dreams. We can install a water tank to collect rainwater and connect it to your irrigation system, and fountains and ground sprays.
It won’t be a problem for us to restore your old swimming-pool or build a new one. It will be a pleasure to take care of every last detail of your home.