Outdoor and swimming pool

We work with professionals that can oversee the design of your outdoor space to create the ideal environment for you to unwind, reconnect with nature and relax.

We can remodel your swimming-pool or install a new one that meets your needs, whether in concrete, fiberglass or vynil.

If you have a garden we suggest you collect rain water in a modern tank for your irrigation system. Because it has low levels of salts, and no chloramines and fluorides of tap water which are not beneficial to your garden, rainwater would improve the health and growth of your plants. In time of drought you would have an available source of filtered water.

It could supply your solar-powered fountain and ground sprays, if you want us to install them.

Connecting the tank to the plumbing of your house you could use the rainwater for your washing machine or to flush the toilets.

You could reduce your water bills and the damaging impact in case of stormwater runoff.

We complete our job laying the driveway, the perimeter fencing, stone walls and gates.

We can do everything to enhance your property, also for the best curb appeal.