Energy Consulting

We are experts in energy efficiency. Limiting the dispersion of energy, decreasing the costs and emissions of greenhouse gas is possible, if we use energy from renewable sources.

We have the competence to develop a customized project using the most innovative technologies.

Our consultants can make a complete diagnosis of the problems and energy requirements of your home, current and future. They will understand if your home wastes energy with thermal bridges, poor insulation, obsolete materials and installations, recommending the most ecological solutions to save on air conditioning, heating, hot water, lighting. You can have the maximum thermal comfort with purified air and at the same time reduce costs and consumption.

Out-of-date boilers and heating systems consume 40% of total energy, and much of this quota is wasted.

Europe imports more than half of the energy it consumes (cost: 400 million euros) from third party suppliers, and this makes it vulnerable in geo-political dynamics. To limit this dependence and to insure power supply , the eu has decided to invest in renewable sources, to improve efficiency and self-production of energy.

The European Green deal investment plan will mobilise 100 billions of investments to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Tax deductions and facilitated financing are made available to those who will decide to support he great european project for a clean environment. We can find out about your eligibility for tax incentives.

Our heating systems (56% of our buildings are in class G) pollute more than means of transport. Using high-performance materials and equipment powered by renewable energy, nowadays it is possible to build low, passive or even positive energy homes.

Even on a small scale, we can act for an environmentally-friendly future by reducing the pollution of air and soil.

Droughts, heatwaves, stormes and floods are on the rise, due to the climate change. Wasting less water is part of an intelligent strategy to fight the problem. We can install a tank for the recovery of rainwater which, connected to a piping system, will allow you to use it for irrigation and toilet flushing (just for the toilet each person uses 34 l. Per person per day). That can also dramatically riduce your water bill!

Support the European Green policy towards energy self-sufficiency, safe and sustainable!